About Us

The Calton Heritage & Learning Centre (CHLC) is a community hub that aims to promote and celebrate the area’s heritage as well as providing a hub for the people of the area to access services, particularly learning opportunities.

CHLC is managed by Thenue Communities, a charitable subsidiary of Thenue Housing Association. Thenue Communities manages two community centres, the second one, Netherholm Community Hall (NCH) was launched in Castlemilk in August 2018.

Thenue Communities also manages a Community Flat and Community Garden in Calton which are used by local community groups and act as a base for our Green Volunteers project.

The site of CHLC reaches into a memorial garden to the victims of an industrial accident at the Templeton carpet factory in 1889. Calton was the centre of the weaving industry which was central to the growth of Glasgow as an industrial city. The garden has been improved as part of the project and provides a very fitting memorial to those 29 young women who lost their lives on 1 November 1889.  CHLC is at 423 London Road, Calton, G40 1AG

The site of NCH is 4 Holbyre Terrace, Castlemilk, G45 9PY. The operational activities of this centre are delivered in partnership with Netherholm Area Association who are a local residents group.