Thenue Communities delivers a range of social activities for local people to come together, have fun, volunteer and get to know one another better. We do this in partnership with a range of groups such as

1. Calton Area Associatioin

2. Calton Community Association

3. Netherholm Area Association

4. Addaction 'Roots to Recovery'

5. Green Volunteers

Calton commonwealth beach

In July 2014, Glasgow enjoyed the Commonwealth Games. CHLC secured Celebrate Funds from the Lottery to deliver a week-long outdoor event to coincide with the games and ensure that the community of Calton had the opportuntiy to enjoy the games atmosphere along with the rest of the city. From Mon - Friday we celebrated commonwealth regions and enjoyed entertainment from an African Band, Carribbean Steal Band, Bhangra Dancers and the Royal Dhol Force. We had an amazing time and enjoyed being able to demonstrate what a lovely community of people we are in Calton.

The weanThe Beach

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